AnLab Ltd. offers  complete Health Monitoring composed of

for all kinds of laboratory rodents and rabbits  from breedings or research facilities according to your  individual needs or offered Health Monitoring  Programmes.

Next services are available

  • Serological examination of collected sera
  • Histological examination of collected tissue samples
  • Bacteriological examination  of sent samples
  • Parasitological examination of sent samples

Laboratory diagnostics is provided by specialists with more than 25 years experiences at basic research and practice in this field. This team is ready to follow your demands and compile Health Monitoring scheme  just according your needs.

Transport of  live animals

The animals could be sent  by car or by plane. In this case  the veterinary certificate (the common veterinary entry documents for animals) for EU has to be attached. The documentation about sender and animals runs as follows: exact address, contact person, phone, fax or e-mail, VAT.No.; species, strain, age, numbering of crates and animals (if any) and the type of requested Health monitoring programme. The AnLab service picks up animals at  Prague airport and transfers animals directly into the laboratory.
AnLab Ltd. offers „door to door“ service for our clients from A, D, H, PL, SK. This service is on request only. Don’t hesitate contact us concerning to transportation of animals.