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Gross pathology

  • Circumstantial detailed exam performed by veterinary pathologist in all examined animals


  • is done automatically in all main organs of dissected animals if any lesions
  • tissue samples are examined according to customer‘s specification

Basic (H&E) and wide spectrum of special and differential staining are available.

With the exception of serological methods special staining is used in final diagnostics of the following agents: Clostridium piliforme, Cilia associated respiratory bacillus, Encephalitozoon cuniculi and Toxoplasma gondii. The histology has the crucial role at diagnostics of Pneumocystis spp., Rat respiratory virus (RRV) and Klosiella spp.

Histopathology – research studies

Investigative histopathology is offered as a service to scientists and research workers. We will be pleased to help you with the problems associated with histological investigation of organs and tissues from experimental animals. The time schedule of experiment, target organs, number of slices, special staining and other services including protocol and interpretation of findings will be specified upon mutual agreement.

We would be pleased to be available for further information at your convenience >>