A parasitological examination is performed to detect and identify ectoparasites and endoparasites. The basic method is microscopy of a sample. Ectoparasites are detected by a direct observation and microscopy of skin scrapings and fur samples. The flotation of stool, microscopy of native preparations (gastrointestinal content, gastric and intestinal mucosa scraping), smear of intestinal content, filtration and flotation of gastrointestinal content, urine sediment analysis and bladder mucosa scraping (rat only) are used for detection of endoparasites. Some parasites are identified by molecular biology methods (PCR, real-time PCR, sequencing), serological methods or special histological staining of target tissues.


Agents Method Host
Myocoptes musculinus microscopy, PCR M
Myobia musculi microscopy, PCR M
Radfordia affinis microscopy, PCR M, R
Notoedres spp. microscopy R, H, Rb
Polyplax spp.  microscopy M, R
Chirodiscoides caviae microscopy Gp
Trixacarus caviae microscopy Gp
Gyropus ovalis microscopy Gp
Gliricola porcelli microscopy Gp
Psoroptes cuniculi microscopy Rb
Cheyletiella parasitovorax microscopy Rb
Listrophorus gibbus microscopy Rb
Haemodipsus spp. microscopy Rb
Ornithonyssus bacoti microscopy M, R, H



Agens Method Host
Giardia spp. microscopy, ELISA, PCR M, R, Gp, H, Rb
Spironucleus muris microscopy, PCR M, R, H
Tritrichomonas spp. microscopy M, R, H, Gp
Entamoeba spp. microscopy M, R, H, Gp, Rb
Endolimax cavie microscopy Gp
Eimeria spp. microscopy, flotation M, R, Gp, Rb
Cryptosporidium spp. microscopy, flotation, histology M, H, Gp, Rb
Klossiella spp. histology of kidney M, Gp
Toxoplasma gondii IFA M, R, Gp, H, Rb
Encephalitozoon cuniculi ELISA, IFA, histology M, R, Gp, H, Rb
Syphacia spp. microscopy, flotation, PCR M, R, H
Aspiculuris spp. microscopy, flotation, PCR M, R
Passalurus ambiguus microscopy, flotation, PCR Rb
Paraspidodera unicata microscopy, flotation Gp
Trichuris muris microscopy, flotation M, R
Trichosomoides crassicauda microscopy, histology R
Rodentolepis spp. microscopy, flotation M, R, H
Hymenolepis spp. microscopy, flotation H


Abbreviations: M - Mouse, R - Rat, Gp - Guinea pig, H - Hamster, Rb – Rabbit

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